If we turn every applause in Triumph

And every story told, in EntHusiasm

We would go to that magical placE every day;

Where we each stumble with our imAgination,

And creates a beTter view of our own self.

A place that transportEd me to another dimension.

If you look foR it and you find it, that’s where I went today,

To listen to a Brand new story that captivated my sense.

Laughing at laughter, aS seen … without wanting it to end.

But keep looking And find it! That’s where I was today.

Thanks to my parents and my school, who wanted me to Be there.

With all their willingS to give me that illusion with all my friends in that place.

What are you waitinG for? Search and find it! That’s where I was happy today.

Where Boys and girls applauded without picturing the end

Feeling how Stories became pure passion,

and “Xmas” felt as good as I remembered.

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