Accessing University

Accessing University depends on the grades pupils achieve in the AS / A Level exams which are held at the end of the two years of Sixth Form; Year 12 and Year 13. At this level the following grades represent a ‘pass’ in subjects: A, B, C, D and E.

Generally, in order to access Universities in the United Kingdom, pupils need to have passed at least two GCE subjects (depending on the college/university). However, in many cases in order to gain access to more prestigious universities, pupils are required to pass at least three subjects with a B or more.

In order to unify criteria, access to British universities is measured depending on the “UCAS POINTS CHART” obtained by each pupil. This chart assigns numeric values to the qualifications obtained in the AS/A2 exams.

On the other hand, access to Spanish universities requires achieving a numeric qualification on a scale of 0 to 14. The final grade obtained allows access to different universities according to each pupil’s access grade. In order for pupils who have studied in foreign educational centres using educational systems belonging to the European Union to access Spanish universities, they also must obtain a numeric grade. This can be achieved in two ways: access to university for pupils in the European Union or by sitting the ‘Selectividad’ exam.

University access for pupils in the EU

‘Selectividad’ exam not required

Pupils studying at foreign centres (belonging to the EU) are required to meet the same academic requirements that allow for university access in their country or educational system of origin, in this case the United Kingdom.

In the same way as in the United Kingdom, this implies that pupils gain direct access to the University. In order to standardize the requirements for accessing British Universities, the UCAS POINTS CHART assigns a numeric value to grades from A* to E.

University access calls for a minimum number of two A Levels with an E (pass) and 140 UCAS points (equivalent to a final grade of 5 in the Spanish system – minimum pass). It is possible to calculate these equivalencies using the above mentioned chart.

University access through ‘Selectividad’

Pupils prepare themselves to sit this exam during Sixth Form (Year 12 and Year 13), without this interfering with their preparation for their A Levels.

Pupils who pass more than two A Levels (studied during KS5) and 5 GCSE/IGCSE subjects (studied in KS4) meet the requirements needed to obtain the Spanish title of ‘Bachiller’ (through homologation).

At the end of Year 13 and having achieved the title of ‘Bachiller’, pupils can sit the ‘Selectividad’ exam – Science or Humanities, Art, Health or Science – Technology.