Legal Note

It is prohibited to use any image or text without the company’s authorization. The text and images of this website are the property of BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA.

This Legal Note and in general any interactions that take place between BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, S.L. and users of the telematic services present on their website come under Spanish legislation and the subsequent communitarian and international laws which derive from its application.

Users who reside outside of Spain will be submitted to the Madrid Courts and Tribunals (Spain), thereby expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction.

Furthermore, BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, SL and users who are residents in Spain come under the Courts and Tribunals pertaining to the registered address of BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA S.L. for any controversies that could arise as a result of their website.

From the moment users access this website, they will be considered as “users” who are informed of and accept the fact that accessing the website does not in any way imply the start of a commercial relationship with BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, S.L.

Any internet user can access the open information on our website without the need to provide any personal information. By accepting this Legal Note, users expressly declare the following:

  • They have the ability to reason
  • They accessed the website willingly and were not coerced to do so.

They declare themselves aware of and informed by this Legal Note regarding our privacy policy conditions, general and personal conditions, user policy and protection of personal data, contract conditions and, where appropriate, along with our accessibility policy and code of conduct, accept and consent to the automatic processing of their personal information by BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, SL in the manner and for the purposes indicated in our Personal Data Protection Policy.

BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, S.L. makes every possible endeavour to ensure that the information provided in this Legal Note is clear, understandable and adequate, and to avoid, as far as possible, any errors in its content, repairing or updating them. However we cannot guarantee the absence of errors or that the information provided in this Legal Note be permanently up to date.

BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, S.L. reserves the right to modify this Legal Note on a discretionary basis at any time and without prior notice in order to adapt it to future novelties and legal or jurisprudential requirements, as well as in accord with their criteria or to industry practices, taking into account the User’s legal interests at all times.

In said circumstances, all changes introduced will be announced on this website with sufficient notice before being put into practice, with effects starting from this date of publication of the modification on the website, save where otherwise stated.

This Legal Note applies only to this website; it cannot guarantee its application if the website is accessed through other external links or in links stated on this website which re-direct to other websites.

Website ownership and responsibility:

Name of domain:

Is registered and ownership belongs to BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, SL. The use, management and maintenance of this website, as well as responsibility for the website’s function and contents belongs to BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA,S.L.

If you would like to contact us you may do so by post, telephone, fax or e-mail by using the information provided below.

BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, S.L. as owner of this domain and guarantor of the website’s contents, guarantees that it is not registered for unlawful purposes and does not infringe on the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties.

By virtue of the current legislation in Spain and, more specifically, in accord with the duty of disclosure contained within article 10 of Law 34/2002, issued on the 11 July, regarding Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (LSSICE) B.O.E. (Official State Bulletin) 12/07/2002, legal identifying information of the PSSI (commercial and legal) will follow, along with all the information we consider as relevant.

Identification, localization and general information concerning the PSSI (Information Society Service Provider): 

  • Commercial brand:  BSA
  • I.F (legal identification code).: B-96598313
  • Nationality: SPANISH
  • Business sector: EDUCATION
  • Area of application: National
  • Corporate address: Ctra. Alzira-Tavernes, Km.11
  • Postal address: 46792 La Barraca de Aguas Vivas. Valencia
  • Telephone: 96.2589368
  • Fax: 96.2975251

All communications held between users and BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, SL will be considered private and confidential. BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, SL commits itself to professional confidentiality in this respect.

The following will also be considered as confidential information: any information exchanged between the parties, information of a similar nature that is agreed between both parties and information about confidential information.

In cases in which BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA SL acts as data administrator for its clients, BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA SL will assume the obligations set out in the LOPD to this effect and manifest that it will process the data solely according to the instructions of the File Manager and will not apply or use it with for purposes other than those included in the contract drawn to this effect, and will apply the corresponding safety measures in each case.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Submitting or sending personal data to BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, SL via any means available to users on this website implies unequivocal and express acceptance of the automatic processing of this personal information, for the purposes described in the informative clauses on the website.

We duly inform users of our data registry and request express acceptance in order to use this data for commercial purposes in possible future actions.

Ultimately, users declare having been informed of the Personal Data Protection conditions, accepting and giving consent to the automatic processing of this data by BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, SL in the manner and for the purposes indicated in the corresponding clauses.

Even so, according to Royal Decree 1720/2007, issued on December 21st, users have 30 days to revoke their consent, and can also revoke their consent at any moment for justified reasons, however retro-active effects will not be attributed.

BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, SL, has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures according to the personal data’s security levels, in order to guarantee intimacy, security and the obligation to protect this data according to the degree of sensitivity in agreement with Royal Decree 1720/2007, issued on December 21st, and has established all the technical measures available in order to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, processing, unauthorized access and theft of information submitted by users through this website or any other means, in view of the level of technology, the nature of the stored information and the risks to which they are exposed and which allow BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, SL to detect deflection of the information, intentional or otherwise, whether the risks originate from human action or the technical means used, with due regard to the need of informing users that they must be aware that although BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA SL may have used all the resources and knowledge available to protect you personal data, Internet safety measures are not impregnable.

These measures, both of technical and organizational nature, are in place with the aim to achieve basic objectives in telematic safety, such as: confidentiality, understood as limiting access to information by unauthorized persons; integrity, understood as maintaining trustworthy, quality information; and availability, understood as guaranteeing access to the information system upon the request of authorized users.

All our servers are located in Spain and have technical security and organizational measures designed to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of users’ personal data.

In addition, included in our policy to make as much effort as possible to safeguard information, we have additional security measures, power cut control systems. We have top brand firewalls, preventing any possible attempts to intrude and gain unauthorized access to data, and also technical measures such as installing software for encrypting confidential information and controlling access to personal information; restricted users, security policies, usernames and passwords which expire as is required by the LOPD, and other systems intended to prevent the misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of Personal Data submitted to BRITISH SCHOOL ALZIRA, SL. Only authorized employees have access to our databases which store information regarding Users or the servers which host our service.

We run backup copies on all of our data.