British Currículum

British School Alzira’s educational project is based on the National British Curriculum, one of the most prestigious and advanced curriculums in the world. It was developed by the Educational Department in England and is a high performance method. At BSA we summarize it in the following points:

  • Complete language immersion from Pre-Nursery to Year 13 (0 to 18 years of age)
  • Personal and individualized education, with continuous supervision and curricular adaptation to each pupil’s needs.
  • A comprehensive education which covers learning in all curricular and extra-curricular subject areas designed for artistic and physical development: judo, ballet, tennis, violin, etc.
  • Teaching values that are reflected in our pupil’s behaviour and attitude.
  • Continuous contact with our pupils’ parents, informing them of all aspects relevant to their child’s education.

Academic organization

Academic organization during the educational stages of Foundation and Primary is enforced by a Head teacher, Key stage Coordinators and qualified teachers assigned to each year group. In Pre-Nursery and Nursery, teachers have the permanent presence of two Assistants in order to ensure that the pupils will receive the level of attention they require at this age; in Reception and Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2), this presence is maintained although in this case there is one Assistant.

During Secondary and Sixth Form education, the academic organization falls to the Head Teacher who coordinates the educational actions taken by teachers who specialize in each subject area, as well as various programs and initiatives which facilitate transition from one Key stage to another and allow pupils to choose subjects which are in accord with their abilities and preferences.

Studies related to the Spanish language and culture are imparted by qualified, native Spanish teachers who are coordinated, in turn, by the head of the Spanish Department throughout the Foundation, Primary and Secondary stages.


Individualised Learning Program

Conversion table – Academic levels

Equivalencies between the academic years of the British and Spanish educational systems are shown in the following table. This can be helpful in order to understand the organization and terminology used in British education.

The majority of pupils enroll at school in Pre-Nursery. The initial levels at Foundation stage are crucial to the development of a good command of speech and comprehension of the English language. This foundation allows for full development of the National Curriculum throughout the Primary education stage.

Pupils sit the official SATs exams at the end of Year 6 (Key Stage 2) and Year 9 (Key Stage 3). In this way the academic level of pupils in a British school in Spain can be compared to that of pupils in British schools of similar characteristics located both in other areas of Spain as well as in the United Kingdom.

At the end of Year 11 pupils receive a General Certificate of Secondary Education issued by the British Educational System, and the title ‘Graduado en Educación Secundaria’ issued by the Spanish educational authorities for pupils who have studied Spanish Language and Culture subject areas.

The official A-Level exams to obtain the GCE (General Certificate of Education) focus on the academic preparation carried out during the last two years of Secondary Education; that is Year 12 and Year 13. Pupils enrolled in foreign educational systems acknowledged by the European Union (British System) gain direct access to universities in Great Britain and to Spanish universities, either directly or by taking the ‘Selectividad’ exam.

Generally schools present their pupils to sit Cambridge exams:

First Certificate in English FCE (B2 level), Certificate of Advanced English CAE (C1 level) and Certificate of Proficiency in English CPE (C2 level) at the stage of Sixth Form.

AgeStageBritish systemSpanish system
3 yearsEarly yearsNursery3º Infantil
4 yearsEarly yearsReception4º Infantil
5 yearsKey Stage 1Year 15º Infantil
6 yearsKey Stage 1Year 21º Primaria
7 yearsKey Stage 2Year 32º Primaria
8 yearsKey Stage 2Year 43º Primaria
9 yearsKey Stage 2Year 54º Primaria
10 yearsKey Stage 2Year 65º Primaria
11 yearsKey Stage 3Year 76º Primaria
12 yearsKey Stage 3Year 81º ESO
13 yearsKey Stage 3Year 92º ESO
14 yearsKey Stage 4Year 103º ESO
15 yearsKey Stage 4Year 114º ESO
16 yearsKey Stage 5Year 121º Bachillerato
17 yearsKey Stage 5Year 132º Bachillerato

Foundation and Primary

Welcome to our school

At our schools in Alzira, Xàtiva and Gandia, we set high standards for our pupils during their British education. This is proven by the official titles which are obtained every year and acknowledged worldwide.

We not only offer our pupils a good educational foundation (from 2 to 18 years of age), but also prepare them for life outside of school. Our pupils graduate as young adults, with a strong academic foundation, well-defined social values, confidence and self-awareness. After graduating, they gain access to the most prestigious Spanish universities, and state-of-the-art universities in the United Kingdom and the USA.

Since 1997 our school has provided education of unmatchable quality in the area. Our motto, (“Vision of the future” / “Future Talents”) is at the centre of all we do: we recognize that schools are the driving force that motivates young ones to be high achievers in life after their schooling. We know each pupil personally and individualize their educational experience in order for them to achieve their full potential. In addition to academic subjects, we offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, sports, dancing, languages, etc…

Quality in education

As a British school in Spain, we promote both the British and Spanish cultures, ensuring that our pupils are well prepared to take their position in a multicultural world.

We teach the National British Curriculum, which guarantees a unique, consistent educational standard in teaching methods.

We only use qualified, experienced teachers from the United Kingdom, and we are proud to verify that we attract the highest standard in professional teaching staff.

The teaching standard at our school is exceptionally high, and our teachers work in a team across all 3 schools to ensure that there is consistency and uniformity in class planning and pupil performance.

From Foundation to Secondary (from 3 to 16 years old), 80% of classes are imparted in English and 20% in Spanish, including the subject areas of Spanish literature and language.

Vision of the future / Future Talents

Our school operates with an open door policy; we work along with parents and other professionals in order to offer the best education available in the Valencian region. Regardless of your child’s nationality, we invite you as parents to visit our school and meet with us to explore the possibility of working together and sharing a vision of your child’s future.

Philip Rolt

Head Teacher

Secondary and Sixth Form

Secondary education at British School Alzira / Xàtiva offers pupils the opportunity to follow an intensive and balanced program of studies with a variety of options during learning. This program trains them as young adults, preparing them for their future university career.   Our program is made up of two stages in Secondary: Key stage 3 and Key stage 4, 5 year groups in total (from Year 7 to Year 11) and Sixth Form (Key stage 5: Year 12 and Year 13). Our British curriculum trains pupils from the early years of life until they are 18 years old. Pupils achieve educational excellence at our centre and meet the requirements needed to access any university in Spain or the United Kingdom.

The complete program in Sixth Form includes the AS / A2 subjects along with subjects in Spanish related to the four specific lines of study: Health, Scientific – Technical, Humanistic – Social and Artistic. This offers them the possibility of achieving many points to gain direct access to universities in Spain or England. Whichever line of study pupils choose in Sixth form, they will receive high quality education that is adapted to each pupil’s needs.

Rebeca Sanchis & Melissa Page

Head Teachers