School Management

British School Alzira’s management team is spearheaded by the Corbí-Ramón family, acknowledged on a national level for their extensive experience in the sector of education.

In addition to having 40 years’ experience in school management, the school founder Guillermo Corbí Aguado has been President of the Federation of Educational Centres in the Valencian Community (FECEVAL) and National Vice-President (CECE) for over 15 years.

Franc Corbí, representing the second generation of the family, is a member of the executive committee of NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain) and belongs to the National Executive Committee of ACADE, the most important representative of private teaching in Spain, and autonomic Vice President in the Valencian Community.

“Our vision of what a good education should be like is clear: innovation with tradition, personalization and an environment in which the pupil feels secure, entertained, motivated and special”.

Franc Corbí Ramón