Department of Educational Psychology

Our Department of Educational Psychology has three members: Lola Pardo (Psychologist), Veronica Tolosa (Psychologist) and Teo Brunet (Speech therapist). This Department’s function is to attend to, assess, guide, assist and counsel pupils and parents. The plan of action they follow can be summarized in 4 bullet points:


Encourage comprehensive development in our pupils by monitoring them on an individual level throughout the teaching/learning process.

Values & Rules

Teach them values and rules, such as helping them to develop an appropriate self-image, have a degree of self-esteem and attitudes that show confidence and entrepreneurial activities.

Integration & Respect

Cooperate in processes of integration, insertion and respect in all areas of the educational community.

Working world

Cooperate with families and other institutions or associations in order to contribute in decision-making related to university careers or the working world.