Coordinated by the School Management Team, we have three categories among our teachers at BSA, depending on their function and responsibilities:

Class teacher

In charge of imparting all the different subject areas in English.

Due to the importance of this position, we always employ highly qualified professionals who are completely dedicated to the British School values. We use a very meticulous selection process and employ most of our teachers in England.


Assistants play a complimentary role with teachers in Foundation and the first two years in Primary.

The supportive role of Assistants is vital for both individual and group learning. They also do playground duties, allowing teachers the time to prepare correctly for posterior classes.

Spanish teacher

Spanish teachers are responsible for imparting Spanish Language and Culture, including the subjects of Spanish, Valencian and Natural Sciences.

Our selection process for these teachers is just as meticulous as that of our British teachers, as a wide variety of experience is required along with an excellent level of qualification.